Good nutrition is a prescription for lifelong wellness

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with some fantastic people throughout various industries, personal circumstances, needs and more. Wellness always starts with what foods we’re putting into our body, and with the right direction, we can make significant positive results in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Below are some words from my clients on how working with me has impacted and influenced their short and long-term wellness.

"Melanie has revolutionized my eating, with her I have lost four stone, and its the only plan which has given me more energy and allowed me to balance a demanding job. Through the nutritional plan my blood pressure and sugar levels been greatly reduced.
Melanie has tremendous knowledge of nutrition and she is able to constantly improve diet. So it never becomes boring or staid. Melanie is empathetic, really helpful, really supportive and pleasure to work with"
Jane A, 55
"I feel so lucky to have Melanie in my life. Since I have known her my weight has stopped ballooning and reducing and is now consistently around the size 10/12 mark. I maintain a healthy relationship with food and I am comfortable with my body image. I am at peace. She is my no nonsense secret weapon. If you choose to work with her though you will potentially throw off your limitations and open the way to a much brighter, more active future."
Amanda S, 59

Success Stories

“Melanie not only transformed my sleep, she has helped with so many symptoms I didn’t even recognise I had. My mood has drastically changes and I have more energy than ever before.

Melanie really knows and understands the science, but before that she understands you as a person. Every recommendation Melanie gave was given with my lifestyle and tricky work schedule in mind – we have now found the things that work for me and I couldn’t be happier.”

James L, 38

"I contacted Melanie earlier this year regarding problems I was having relating to my menopause, tiredness and IBS. She is very knowledgeable and gave me some fantastic advice regarding nutrition, supplements and eliminating certain foods. I have noticed a big difference in my overall health. I totally recommend Melanie to assist anyone with their nutritional requirements and advice to improve any aspects of their health. Thank you Melanie!"
Clark K, 39
"I thought I knew how to eat healthy but Melanie helped me look at nutrition differently and has shown me how to bring variety into my routine.  Her suggestions have helped me improve my digestion enormously and given me a fresh motivation in how I approach my eating. I couldn't recommend Melanie highly enough."
George W, 32
"I had been morbidly obese for years. I think myself as a resourceful person but nothing I tried worked. I have a senior job which means I am time constrained. Most of the advice I received just wasn't practical. Buying clothes on the high street was a dream for me. I remember dreading going on business trips as I had to ask for seat belt extensions in planes. I was then diagnosed as pre-diabetic. After all this searching, I found Mel. She changed my life. Literally. Losing weight didn't seem hard at all anymore. Mel is a pleasure to work with , incredibly empathetic. She has educated me about food and how it controlled me rather than deliberate choices that I make. In my experience, there is very little appreciation on how to help people who are very heavy. Mel really listens, is very bright and wants nothing else than to see her patients achieve their goals."
Joanna H, 51