Brand Consultancy

Education and brand consultancy

Throughout my time helping individuals optimise their health, I have also worked with charities, brands and corporate organisations to help make nutrition and wellness a priority. With the rise of mental health and chronic health conditions, busy work environments are rife with underlying health issues.

Yet, with proper nutrition, we can improve our mental well-being, reverse some of these health problems and even help those with chronic diseases turn back the clock.

I am particularly interested in sharing this message, raising awareness, and informing as many as possible. Take a look at the type of content I can offer below, and if you want to get in touch about the possibility of working together, click the button below.

What can I offer?

With a wealth of experience in the field of nutrition and a knack for turning complex concepts into digestible content, I offer a suite of consultancy services to elevate your brand’s nutritional voice.

Content Creation: Whether you need a series of articles for your magazine, blog posts for your website, or compelling social media content, I specialise in crafting material that is not only scientifically accurate but also resonates with your audience.

Brand Messaging: In the world of nutrition, clarity and authenticity are paramount. I can help align your brand’s voice with its values, ensuring your messaging is consistent and trustworthy. From website copy to product descriptions, I’ll work with you to develop content that educates your audience and enhances your brand’s credibility.

Nutritional Strategy: As your brand grows and evolves, your nutritional strategy should too. Drawing from my extensive knowledge and experience in the field, I provide guidance on how to integrate new nutritional trends, respond to emerging research, and continually engage your audience in meaningful ways.