Fault the foodscape, not yourself: Unlocking UPFs.

“You are not to blame…. our food environment is.” In an era where obesity and chronic health conditions are on the rise, it’s essential to recognise that these issues are less about individual willpower and more about our food environment. The increasing availability and aggressive marketing of ultra-processed foods (UPFs) play a crucial role in […]

The common denominator – inflammation

What is inflammation? Inflammation is a normally bodily response to infection, injury and illness. In some instances, ‘acute’ inflammation, inflammation is visible. For example, if we cut our skin the body thinks it is under attack and responds by producing symptoms such as swelling, pain, redness and heat. These symptoms are the body’s natural way […]

Can I eat my way out of depression?

The link between the food we eat and our mental health. The situation Mental health conditions are on the rise and the amount of antidepressants being prescribed are at an all-time high 1. According to the Global Burden of Disease Study diet is thought to be the leading cause of early death in men and the […]

Should I be taking a probiotic?

Probiotics have become a popular buzzword in recent years, with many in the health sphere assuring us it is the answer to all problems. The popularity of probiotics has meant the market is now saturated with hundreds of different options yet very little explanation on which one to go for and why. What are probiotics? […]

COP26: Climate change and our food systems.

How is our food system impacting climate change?  Global Food Systems are responsible for approximately 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture is the primary driver of deforestation globally. Yet discussions primarily focus on energy, fossil fuels and transport. We will not get to aim of keeping temperatures below 1.5 °C of industrial levels if we […]

Do your gut microbes keep you up in the night?

We all recognise the importance of sleep. We know when we haven’t slept well, everything is a little bit harder. Many of us also know that we should be aiming for 8 hours, avoid blue light, get a consistent routine, avoid eating close to bed time. However, in reality – some of this is quite […]

Are your hormones driving you to eat?

When it comes to hormones most people think of oestrogen and testosterone and their roles in puberty, libido and the reproductive system.  However, our bodies produce a whole host of other hormones which play a role in our health and how we function day in day out.  Notably, much of our hunger and our desires […]

The Gut-Brain Axis

The gut-brain axis refers to bi-directional communication that exists between our central nervous system (our brain and spinal cord) and our enteric nervous system (our gut). This two way conversation that occurs between our gut and brain occur by two different means: –       Physically – via the vagus nerve that sends signals –       Chemically – […]