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Clinically led, personalised nutritional services built around your unique needs and requirements.

Together, we can simplify and optimise your health.

I am dedicated to helping professional business men and women revitalise their health and enhance their longevity, guiding them in the proactive management and prevention of chronic health conditions. As a Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) and Registered Nutritional Therapist (DipION), amongst other credentials, I am well-equipped to provide a comprehensive suite of nutritional solutions tailored to your specific needs. My wealth of expertise in nutritional science and therapy forms the backbone of my personalised and evidence-based approach.

At the forefront of the longevity and wellness space, my mission is more than just restoring you to your peak health; it’s about empowering you with a newfound sense of control over your well-being and charting your journey towards a sustained, healthier, and longer life. I firmly believe that nutrition has a profound role in shaping our health trajectories and am committed to using this knowledge to effect meaningful changes in my clients’ lives.

How I can help you

In today’s fast-paced world, we often find ourselves leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, consumed by screen time and surrounded by calorie-dense food options. It can be easy to blame ourselves when we’re not reaching our health goals. If you’ve found yourself having difficulty managing your mood, weight, sleep or health conditions, know you’re not at fault.

Life can feel overwhelming, and often as though it’s fighting against us maliciously and unfairly. Despite this, achieving your health goals doesn’t need to be a challenging dream. Instead and together, we can alter the paths ahead to make this journey more accessible and fun.

Supporting your health goals at every step

Grounded in clinical research, my philosophy veers away from fleeting diet trends and empty promises, focusing instead on sustainable, realistic changes that offer long-term benefits. I understand that the journey to optimum health and longevity is unique to each individual, and I am dedicated to working closely with you to devise personalised strategies that align with your lifestyle and objectives.

My commitment to your well-being extends beyond the consultation room; I am here to offer continuous, bespoke support throughout your journey to ensure its success. My services go beyond the ordinary, transforming lives and facilitating lasting change among my distinguished clientele. Together, we will pave the way towards a future of enhanced health, vitality, and longevity

See what my clients have said about working with me below.

"Melanie has revolutionised my eating, with her I have lost four stone, and its the only plan which has given me more energy and allowed me to balance a demanding job..."
Jane A, 55
"I feel so lucky to have Melanie in my life. Since I have known her my weight has stopped ballooning and reducing and is now consistently around the size 10/12 mark..."
Amanda S, 59
"Melanie not only transformed my sleep, she has helped with so many symptoms I didn’t even recognise I had. My mood has drastically changed and I have more energy than ever before..."
James L, 29

Health is wealth; when health suffers, so does everything else.

Whether you want to take control of your health or support your employees and workers to take control of theirs, I am here to help. I offer individual consultations tailored to personal needs, comprehensive corporate programs to support the health of your teams, and brand consultancy services for a holistic health-oriented approach in your business.

Regardless of your current dietary knowledge, I can help guide you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. 




We work together to create long-lasting, sustainable change that moves your closer to your goals.


Poor nutrition is linked to reduced productivity, increased sick days and unhappiness. We can change that together.

Brand Consultancy

Nutrition is essential, and self-awareness about your own nutrition is always the first step. Through education, I can help others learn how important nutrition truly is.

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